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25 January 2017

Industrial Environmental Award

0170Fine Organics is delighted to be the 2017 recipient of the coveted Industrial Environmental Award from NEPIC.  A team from Fine Organics attended the prestigious NEPIC Annual Awards Dinner, held at Hardwick Hall on the evening of Friday 20 January, where they not only picked up their award, but also a cheque for £2000, which will be presented to High Clarence Primary School for them to spend on environmental projects.


The full citation reads:

Safe, and what is just as important, environmentally secure disposal of hazardous industrial waste has for many years been a growing problem for the sector. To tackle this issue and seize on a business opportunity Fine Environmental Services, part of the Fine Industries Group based at Seal Sands, have upgraded an obsolete incinerator asset enabling industry customers to have a new secure and compliant hazardous disposal route.

Balancing of customer wastes to ensure maximum advantage is being taken from those with high calorific value has enabled the company to minimise the natural gas fuel that is used to maintain the combustion chamber at 1100 degrees Celsius. The equipment used has been reengineered to be state of the art with improvements such as fuel stream composition and flow rate management (to give better combustion efficiency), increased cooling capability, technology leading refractory lining and improved environmental abatement.  This and enhanced operator training have ensured regulatory compliance even for particularly difficult wastes such as fuming halogen waste streams.

Fine Environmental Services are now working with its customer base to better balance waste streams using their storage and blending facilities to improve homogeneity within the feedstock supply and thereby get higher thermal and operational efficiencies. This facility is now delivering significant value to Fine Industries and the regional and UK businesses it now serves. 

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